Why is Bamboo so expensive?

A common question that we often hear is that bamboo is too high in price. This complaint comes from price conscious gardeners that say it is too expensive when compared to other plants you can buy on the market. Such plants I wouldn’t like to publicise as I am obviously bamboo addict, but you can pick up similar in the form of eucalyptus trees far cheaper.

The reason for the disparity in price is that bamboo will rarely produce any seeds. Some species of bamboo will only seed once every 200-years. This means that there aren’t many alternatives other than to grow bamboo by propagation, which is where most of the bamboo on sale comes from. Propagation is the process of cutting the bamboo down into nodes. Roughly 2-nodes will do the job. However, this process can be labour intensive and time-consuming, as species are often slow growers.

We all know that bamboo is pricier than other comparable plants that you could use, but in this day and age you will not need payday loans online in order to afford them, they are far more reasonably priced than they used to be and heaven forbid that you fall prey to a payday loan debt cycle which has been reported by the British media for the last few years.

Quick cash needn’t be a worry when you are looking for some bamboo as these hardy grasses are now widely available. I would add that it is a question of choices and what your wants or even desires might be.

bamboo height

bamboo potsWill the bamboo spread into my neighbours garden?

This depends on several factors, the main one being how you plant the bamboo. We did a whole section about it here. It will also come down to the species and you can certainly get advice on this.

Clumping the bamboo would be the best advice and into dug-in containers. Also paying attention to the invasiveness of plants will help. However, to avoid any sort of complications no matter the species you would be better advised not to plant the bamboo directly into the ground.

How tall will the bamboo get?

The bigger the pot or container you use the larger the ball of the root will be. So it really depends on how deep you pot it. Obviously the other limiting factor would be time.

Some species of bamboo will grow up to 30-feet if planted directly into the ground, however, most plants in containers will not grow more than 15-feet.

How big are the potted bamboo that you sell?

Mostly 5 gallon pot sizes and up. This means that the size of the bamboo will be roughly 6-feet in height from a 5-gallon pot. The size and height will depend on the species and the pot depth, the larger the pot the thicker the bamboo will become.

Why can’t you tell me the exact height it will grow and have to give me an estimate?

Bamboo growth is affected by various factors. These include, but not limited to, climate, location, soil type and the exposure the plant receives to the weather conditions.

For example Bamboo grown in a colder climate where it can be frosty in the winter will experience less growth naturally.